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Below is a range of useful information and documents to assist you with your pest control activities as well as copies of the CWBA newsletters.

RCP Permit Information

Restricted Chemical Product (RCP) Permits are required for landholders to possess and use registered 1080 or strychnine products for vertebrate animal control on leasehold or freehold land. Use of 1080 and strychnine is restricted by law and confined to certain areas of the state. Before using 1080 or strychnine you need to complete appropriate training, ensure you comply with relevant Acts, Regulations and Legislation, and must apply for and obtain the appropriate permit(s) to purchase these chemicals.

The CWBA will assist landholders with completing RCP Permit applications and how to undertake the online training (if required) – just get in touch on 0473 163 050 or email

Information about this is found in the documents below:

Restricted chemical product permit application form
Restricted Chemical Product Amendment Permit Application Form
Code of Practice
Landholder information – safe use and management of 1080
Tipsheet for external site online 1080 and strychnine
1080 baiting and travelling with pets 2018
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CWBA Newsletters and Information

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