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1080 Community Baiting Program

The CWBA supports 5 Community Bait Racks across the region which make available 1080 Dried Meat Baits to landowners to enable them to implement baiting for Wild Dog and Fox control on their properties all year round.

Year Round 1080 Baiting Program Community Notice

The Central Wheatbelt Biosecurity Association wishes to notify the community that it undertakes ground and aerial baiting programs to lay 1080 dried meat baits to control Wild Dogs and Foxes on identified land with the permission of the landholders in the Shires of Dalwallinu, Koorda, Morawa and Perenjori all year round.

Please be advised that 1080 is highly toxic. The consumption of an animal that has ingested a lethal or sub-lethal dose of 1080 poses a risk of secondary poisoning to humans and other species. Taking of carcasses, removal of hides, and shooting and trapping animals (for human or animal consumption) is prohibited during the baiting period and for at least 14 from the completion of a baiting program.

Signage is erected at the entry to properties and areas to be baited in the region, this will include a range of Conservation/Nature Reserves as well as unallocated crown land. Please ensure that children and other persons in your care are restricted from entering these baiting sites. Please restrain your pets, working dogs, and stock where necessary to avoid the possibility of poisoning through direct consumption of a bait or eating 1080 poisoned animal carcasses.

If you would like further information about this control program please contact the CWBA on the details below. Alternatively, you can speak to the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) or access more information about the use of 1080 from their website link below.

For further information contact:

CWBA Executive Officer

Phone:0473 163 050