What We Do

Working on affected farms, pastoral land and crown land

The CWBA believes declared pests can be better managed by working together as a community in conjunction with industry and government. Through a coordinated approach utilising a variety of strategies and technologies, CWBA can better assist and support landholders.

Landholders have a responsibility to control declared pests on their land. The CWBA encourages all landholder’s involvement in a broad scale, in a cooperative and coordinated approach for effective pest control, targeting Wild Dogs, Red Foxes, European Rabbits and Feral Pigs as well as other declared pests seen as a priority for the group.

Declared Pests can have a devastating effect of agriculture, the natural environment and on human health and safety. Pests don’t stop at fences or town boundaries. Success relies on well timed cooperative control activities over the whole landscape. Everyone needs to be involved, resourced and supported.

We seek access to external funding, on-going matched state government funding, training and support, resources and assistance.

Our Team

The CWBA employ an Executive Officer part time, a LPMT Coordinator and Licensed Pest Management Technicians, who are contracted to the group to implement a range of projects and management activities on behalf of the group. Our current staff and contractors are:

Executive Officer – Linda Vernon

LPMT Coordinator – Russell Macpherson

Licensed Pest Management Technician – Jeff Taylor, JK & TJ Taylor Pest Management Technician

Licensed Pest Management Technician – Alan Straw, Midwest Feral Services 

Licensed Pest Management Technician – Paul Pitaro, Vertebrate Pest Management Australia