Working with the landholders and communities in the  Shires of Morawa, Perenjori, Dalwallinu, and Koorda

Current Board of Management Members

The CWBA is an Incorporated organisation with up to Nine board of Directors. These are voluntary positions that direct and manage the day to day operations.


Date of appointment as Board of Director

Date of appointment as Officeholder

Officeholder or Committee

Term expiry

Chris Patmore 28/08/2017 12/10/2020 Chairperson 2023
Peter North 8/10/2018 12/10/2020 Deputy Chairperson 2021
Linda Vernon 2017 Secretary/Treasurer
Henry Gratte 9/10/2019 Committee 2022
Doug Cail 28/08/2017 Committee 2023
Ashley Sanderson 28/08/2017 Committee 2022
Mark Sutton 28/08/2017 Committee 2023
Brad Collins 12/10/2020 Committee 2023
Carl Forward 12/10/2020 Committee 2021
Director Vacant Committee

The Executive Officer is a part-time contract position, whose role is to support the Board of Management.

CWBA Executive Officer – Linda Vernon

CWBA Stakeholder map


Stakeholders of the CWBA include, but not limited to:

  • Local Landholders in the Shires of Dalwallinu, Koorda, Perenjori and Morawa
  • Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (Formally DPAW)
  • Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (Formally DAFWA)
  • Department of Water and Environmental Regulation
  • Alterra Ltd (Formally Carbon Conscious)
  • Shire of Dalwallinu
  • Shire of Koorda
  • Shire of Perenjori
  • Shire of Morawa
  • Adjacent Shires (Wongan Ballidu, Moora, Coorow, Yalgoo, Mount Marshall, Trayning, Wyalkatchem, Carnamah, Three Springs)
  • Australian Wool Innovation Limited
  • Meat and Livestock Australia
  • Livestock firms (e.g. West Coast Livestock, Paul Gatti, Stan Hathway, Elders, Landmark, wool agencies)
  • Australian Wildlife Conservancy – Mt Gibson Sanctuary
  • Bush Heritage Australia – Charles Darwin Reserve
  • Gindalbie Metals Badja Station.